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by Akando on Jun 06, 2020 at 09:53 PM
1.Polite and respectful interaction with each other is a prerequisite for us.
Show respect to others. Don´t offend their race, religion, sexual orientation or
even their skill level and knowledge about the game.
Any kind of bullying or sexual harassment will not be tolerated
(Fun and sarcasm is ok as long its not serious, we have sometimes deep sarcastic humor in the guild or make fun, don´t take it serious please.)

2.Use your DDO name as a nickname to make it easier for everyone. The naming
must not be insulting, discriminatory, pornographic, racist names or similar.

3.Avatars must not be insulting, discriminatory, pornographic, racist, or similar.

4.Any kind of spam is prohibited on this Site

5. Copying or distribution private conversation and data from others like pictures without asking are not allowed.

6.We don´t use cheats or hacking tools. People who intentionally use or distribute
cheats will get permanently banned. The same applies to any other criminal and
prohibited content.

7.Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and similar will not be published. The team will never ask you for private data, such as user