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Some Different Ui Skins, you can click on the pictures to zoom them. The download links are to find under each skin screenshot.
You will find down below a description how to dd them to your ddo folders.

Fire: Fire Zip

Gray Scale:Gray Scale Zip

Rogues Black Bird: Rogues Black Bird Zip

Purple Bird :Purple Bird Zip

Blue Bird: Blue Bird Zip

To install follow these directions:
Close DDO if you have it running
Find your "Dungeons and Dragons Online" folder in your “My Documents” area under Windows
Inside the "Dungeons and Dragons Online" folder, create a “ui” folder, with the name all lowercase
Inside the "ui" folder, create a “skins” folder, again all lowercase
Place the zip archive you downloaded into this folder
Right-click the zip archive and choose something like “Extract Here” or whatever your zip unarchiving tool lets you do. Note: if you were lucky to already have a version of BlackBird(example) installed, then delete the old one prior to extracting this new archive. You should end up with one folder called “BlackBird”. The path to your BlackBird folder should be "My documents/Dungeons and Dragons Online/ui/skins/BlackBird". If it isn't, the game won't be able to find the skin.
Start DDO
When loaded and logged in, go to the Options panel, go to UI Settings, and near the bottom of this panel is a dropdown menu called “Current User Skin”. Change it from “None” to “BlackBird”
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