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- Killing Time Description-

Party Layout:

Two tanks and two healers are recommended. This is because you will need to split the party. A tank and healer will be stay with the dragon while the other tank and healer will deal with the rifts.
DPS and Dc Casters for dragon and the rifts to deal with trash during boss fight.

Recommend Items and Buffs:
You will need Electrical Resistance/Absorption, Chaos Resistance.
The Ring of Flickering Steel and the Bracers of Order and Chaos from the Quest Lost at Sea( dropping in endchests) are good items for the raid. Also Energy Sheath Electrical twisted from the epic destinie Draconic Incarnation can help alot.
The Boss hits hard with electrical attacks.
Chaos Orb damage, force damage from circle on the ground gimmick, and disintegrate (untyped) damage over time

Remove Curse Potion to remove damage over time dots.
Jump Potions or Spell, Featherfall. you have to jump between the island and use Airjets to follow the dragon to the next island.
Resurrection timer for Hard (1:30)/Elite

-Kor Kaza is indicated by a red dot on the map.

Specific Guide:
a. Have the "dragon tank and healer" head to the first Kor Kaza fight.
(The raid will be failed if Kor Kaza finished her ritual, thats why a tank and a healer will be always with her to keep her distracted to finish the ritual)

b. Have the rest of the party drop into the nether. They will spawn in random areas. You clear these areas so that when people accidentally fall off that they can easily get back to the party.
There are 6 areas and they include:
Shan-to-Kor [stone golem], Plane of Nightmares [Dream stealer], the Pit [furnace 2] Pit lever and an exit is at top. Pull levers then turn around. Another portal appears at bottom,
Tor [Black Dragon], Wizard King [him or one of his Lieutenants], and Into the Deep [Pit Demon].

Unite the party and defeat Kor Kaza. Follow her to the next platform and defeat her again. Trah spawns at 50%. (?) The Whisps should be killed by the party ASAP since they do a lot of damage.
Once she despawns you will need to split the party again. The dragon tank/healer will head to Kor Kaza and the rest of the party will step into the first rift.
You can switch the healer tank out during the raid if he needs a shrine. One Healer will always stay with the tank the other Healer with the Group
You continue on in this way until the three rifts are completed.

The three rifts are:
a. Marut (easy)

b. Nythrios (hard ~ 2nd Tower of Despair fight with the Cold shadows)
One person will Kite the Shadows while others stay on platform and Kill the boss. Don´t attack the shadows at all, they do huge damage and if you aggro them they can kill the whole group. Thats why only one person will kite them around away from the rest of the group. If you get aggro by them try to stay away from group.

c. Lord of Blades (Hard). Killing LOB finishes the raid. See his page for details on his special attacks. E.x., After he stuns the tank, the party needs to back off or they will be hit by massive AOE.

When the third rift is completed the raid will be done : )
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