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Polite and respectful interaction with each other is a prerequisite for us. Show respect to others. Don´t offend their race, religion, sexual orientation or even their skill level and knowledge about the game.

Yelling, sexual harassment or any kind of bullying and racism will be not tolerated.
Fun and sarcasm is ok as long as it's not serious (we have a few players in the guild with deep sarcastic humor sometimes 18+..dont misunderstand it please when you read it in the Guildchat).

We dont cheat,people who are cheating/duping on purpose will be kicked out

If you have any problem try to talk privately to an officer or leader please,if you cant solve the problem on your own.

No dramas in the guild chat, other public chats or lfm please. Same belongs to political talks etc. Because behavior like the can put the whole guild in a bad manner.

Guildchests on the airship are for everyone,take only the items you are really need from it and not all items at once.

Take care on your group members (even if you are doing a speed run), if anyone dies try to raise him or bring his soul stone to an shrine please. If anyone get lost or needs you help, go back and helps the person.

Listen to the party leader and other party members.

Don't forget it's only a game the real live can be hard enough, so be kind have fun and enjoy the game :)
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