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Keyboard Shortcuts

M = opens your map

L = opens your quest journal

P = opens the adventure compendium

O = opens the social list

C = opens your character sheet

I = opens your inventory

T = toogles mouse- look on and off

R = auto run

G = disables auto targing

X = opens your experience report if you are in a quest.

CTRL + O = opens the game options

CTRL + R = opens your characters enhancement trees.

CTRL + M = opens the monster manual

CTRL + S = opens the ddo store

F = for using puch to talk

CTRL + P = for taking screenshots
ALT+ Y or ALT+ Z = to hide the quickbars etc.
ALT + V = hide names

Copy/Display a item in the Chat
CTRL + right mouse button click on the item = copies item’s description into the chat window.

Copy and Paste Text
SHIFT+ ARROW or use MOUSE CLICK & HOLD = to highlight text
CTRL + C = cuts text (once it has been highlighted)
CTRL + V = pastes text

Slash Chat Commands

/angry= you get angry

/beckon = beckon

/beg= you beg

/bow = you bow

/dance = You dance. /dance1 /dance2

/cheer = you cheer /cheer2

/clap = you clap

/cower = you cower

/cry = you cry

/eat = you eat

/flex = you flex

/gather = causes you to ask everyone to gather round you

/gogglesup off and /gogglesup on = allows goggles to be worn on the head instead of over the eyes.

/groan = you groan

/grovel = you grovel

/hug = you hug

/invite playername = allows you to quickly invite another player to your group.

/kiss = you kiss

/kneel = you kneel

/LFH = you looking for ham

/LFB = you looking for borccoli

/laugh = you laugh

/no = no

/nod = you nod

/point = you point

/poke = you poke

/runaway = causes you to ask everyone to runaway round you

/salute = you salute

/shakehead = shake your head

/sheathe = sheathe your weapons.

/sit = You sit

/show = you show

/shrug = you shrug

/sigh = you sigh

/sleep = you sleep

/stop= you to tell your party to stop

/taunt = you taunt

/t or /tell playername = allows you to send a message to another player that no one else will see.

/wait = you wait

/wave = you wave

/yes = yes

/roll - you can roll different dices with the roll command /roll "number"d"number, like: /roll 1d6

/quest - = allows you to see how much time you have left on raid timer(s)

/quest completions = shows your Quest and Raid Completion totals

/stuck = teleports you out of the stuck, can only be used once per hour.

/quit - = allows you to log out quickly, even if your toolbar is hidden because of a graphical glitch.

/showgoggles off and /showgoggles on = allows you to turn the visual skin for your goggles off and on. Note that the off command will turn off both your goggles skin and your helmet skin.

/showhelmet off and /showhelmet on = allows you to turn the visual skin for your helmet off and on. Note that the off command will turn off both your goggles skin and your helmet skin.

/afk *message* =allows you to notify others automatically that you are away from your keyboard. You can add a short message to give a reason or say how long you expect to be, or use the default (just /afk)

/squelch add *player name* - The squelch add command allows you to add a player to your squelch list. This prevent you from hearing that player in voice chat or seeing what they type in the chat box. Put a space before the player's name when using this command.

/squelch list - The squelch list command lists all players on your squelch list.

/squelch remove *player name* - The squelch remove command allows you to remove a player from your squelch list. Type the command, a space, then the player's name.

/joinchannel *channel name* *password* - The joinchannel command allows you to join an existing channel. Type the command, a space, then the channel's name. If the channel has a password, type a space after the channel name and then the password. The channel will be assigned to your next available UserChat channel. The maximum number of channels you can be in at one time is four.

/listchannel - The listchannel command allows you to view a list of all channels of which you are a member.

/leavechannel *channel name* - The leavechannel command allows you to leave one of you current UserChat channels. Type the command, a space, then the name of the channel. Even if the channel has a password, you do not need to type it in order to leave the channel.
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